Programs in Branding (see also “Communications“)

Graduate Programs

Master of Visual Brand Design – Domus Academy (Milan, Italy)

Imagine. Symbolize. Synthesize.

The concept of branding has evolved far beyond company logos and colors. Today, branding incorporates several disciplines, from visual design to sound design; from storytelling to consumer psychology to marketing. Branding is the creation of a rich and attractive environment that grabs the consumer’s attention and brings him or her into the brand’s world to share its values and become an informal sponsor of the brand. It is a voice, a tone, an integrated vision formed by the synergy of research, design, narration, graphics, music, and more.

In the Master in Visual Brand Design, you will gain the skills to identify a company’s core assets. To cultivate a deep understanding of the product and the best way to communicate its values, both in the physical and the social media worlds. To bring it all together into a consistent brand vision, voice, and environment.