Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.

– Bruno Barbey

Programs in Photography

Undergraduate Programs

Photography – IED (Milan, Italy)

The course of Photography has as its objective, the formation of a professional who will be capable of working in the fields of visual communications: the photographer in fact, thanks to his design capabilities, creative talents, technical abilities and his particular esthetic sensibilities, must be able to use the photographic image in all of its various aspects in order to communicate in a visual form concepts and complex messages. It is required therefore that the professional photographer be skilled not only technically, but also in semantics and esthetics.


Graduate Programs

Master in Professional Photography – IED (Madrid, Spain)

We believe that photography is something you can easily teach yourself, you do not really need a school for that. In fact, our students usually know their trade quite well. What you do need are people who support you and give you input, advice, and courage – in fact, this is maybe the single most important thing. Learning by doing, but hand in hand with a strong team of professionals and tutors, this is the concept of Professional Photography Course at the IED Madrid.