Visual Arts

Painting is silent poetry and poetry is painting that speaks. — Plutarch


Programs in Visual Arts

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Painting and Visual Arts (In Italian) – NABA Milano (Milan, Italy)

This three-year program acknowledges the contemporary transformations that are blurring the traditional borders between fine art disciplines in favor of a project-driven perspective that attempts to connect art to a broader social context.
The program reinterprets and expands a traditional academic approach to painting and visual arts. It includes instruction in and experimentation with the full array of artistic techniques and media, encouraging students to conceive artistic works with the complete project in mind and with regard for the dynamics and values of contemporary art.


Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies (in Italian) – NABA Milano (Milan, Italy)

The two-year Master of Arts in Visual Arts and Performing Studies is the only program in Europe that unites a solid education in the field of visual arts production with a highly specialized curatorial program.

Students explore visual culture, visual arts and performance, curatorial studies, exhibition design, contemporary art management, art criticism, writing, and communication.