Transportation Design

While transport design is often focused within the automotive industry, it can also encompass the creation of aircraft, spacecraft or marine vessels. Within the field, an emphasis is placed on creating vehicles that are innovative and solve problems currently seen within the transportation industry. Other concepts involved in transport design include style, comfort, branding, safety and function.

Working in transport design, you might focus on improving the aerodynamics of a vehicle, designing a safer vehicle or creating a vehicle that gets better gas mileage. You could study topics related to automotive design, surface molding, ergonomics, manufacturing and sustainable technology to aid you in the design process.

Programs in Transportation Design


Undergraduate Programs


Transportation Design – IED (Turin, Italy)

The Transportation Designer is a professional who is primarily concerned with designing the primary means of transport and is capable of designing a number of different kinds of vehicle, in particular motorbikes, yachts and trains. In the course of his activity the Transportation Designer is able to reconcile aspects of style, aerodynamics, feasibility, design and ergonomics. This kind of designer must have a profound understanding of the product and the functions that the consumer is looking for, so as to be able to have a clear idea about the relationship between design and marketing, innovation and commercial requirements.



Graduate Programs

Master in Transportation Design – IED (Turin, Italy)

The Master in Transportation Design offered by the Istituto Europeo di Design sets itself up as an incubator for tomorrow’s professionals and, thanks to an ongoing relationship with Companies closely involved in this sector, it intends to contribute to the creation of very sought after and highly specialised professionals.



Master in Car Interior Design – IED (Turin, Italy)

Designing interiors for the means of transport, in particular for cars, means dealing with the project of mobility starting from the user’s perspective, both at the level of interaction of the man-machine system, and as experience of the phases of purchase and management of the vehicle. The Car Interior Designers specialize in the future and innovation of means of transport from the inside and builds future design scenarios by studying the user, its cultural needs, trends in society and use of the vehicle. The different subjects covered during the Master in Car Interior Design and User Experience allow future professionals to provide innovative solutions, related to the evolving needs of companies and buyers.



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