Product Design

If you look at your Product Designer as someone that makes your solution look presentable, look again. She is there to help you identify, investigate, and validate the problem, and ultimately craft, design, test and ship the solution.

Programs in Product Design

Undergraduate Programs


Product Design – IED (Milan, Italy)

The course program is concerned with an important reality in the panorama of Italian and international industry: packaging design, which is used to present, protect and communicate all of the objects and food products we buy and which has a fundamental role in the commercial success of a product. The area of design undertakes the complexity of packaging, working out the technical aspects, function and form, with the knowledge that the choices made by the designer must offer solutions to the environmental problems, combining the commercial strategy with sustainabilitY.



Product Design – IED (Barcelona, Spain)

The Undergraduate Degree in Product Design offers a formative path where students learn to comprehend and anticipate market demands, working with business intents and translating them into a defined project to be carried out industrially. It promotes the relevance of concept itself, to foresee trends and consumer styles, thanks to the understanding of market exigencies. It also provides knowledge of materials and production technologies in order to carry out the projects. Beyond the theoretical comprehension of the project, students focus on analysis of technologies, ergonomics and usability.



Bachelor of Arts in Product Design – NewSchool of Architecture & Design (San Diego, CA, USA)

The Bachelor of Arts in Product Design degree program at NewSchool of Architecture & Design prepares students for professional practice of product design in a wide range of industries.

Offered as part of the newly created Domus Academy School of Design at NewSchool and in close collaboration with the prestigious graduate design school, Domus Academy in Milan, the product design program takes advantage of these relationships to position its students to become designers in a global market.



Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Product Design – University of Derby (UK)

Our graduates have shown that there is a wealth of career opportunities available to product designers. Sam Johnson landed a dream job at Lego, and is now an established designer with that company.

Product Design at Derby has been developed to combine creativity with understanding of the reality of design for mass manufacture, because we teach in small groups we can help you to develop your potential in this area as an individual. We have a range of excellent facilities to support your study with dedicated studio space that is equipped with both traditional and cutting edge technologies that mirror and prepare you for the commercial environment.

This course has its emphasis on industrial design and the relationship between people and products. This is an exciting subject area – it’s where art meets science in the quest to make better, more attractive products that people want.

You’ll focus on the things that employers tell us they want from graduates:

  • Industry sponsored assignments
  • Group projects
  • Knowledge of the latest technologies in CAD, visualisation and rapid prototyping

You can specialise in furniture design or eco-design, and we offer you a great opportunity to develop your design skills. Our students and graduates are now regularly winning national prizes.


Graduate Programs


Master in Product Design – Domus Academy (Milan, Italy)

Think. Sketch. Make.

A good product began as a need that a designer identified and brought to life in the form of an object or mechanism. It is a reflection of society. It is about potentiality, adaptation, discovery.

The Master in Product Design program combines the study of theory with the process of direct experience. Besides honing the “problem solving” skills that every designer needs, you will also develop a “problem defining” approach: the ability to determine the true parameters of each design challenge. As you learn to follow your intuition and promote your aesthetic vision within those parameters, you will cultivate more awareness of the reasons behind your own design choices, and those of others.



Master of Arts in Design, Product Design – NABA Milano (Milan, Italy)

The modern world’s transition from a “society of goods” to a “society of services” gives today’s designers the opportunity to more deeply explore the ethics of design.
Post-industrial human beings are discovering the limits of progress and working to establish a sustainable relationship with nature and the environment. Clearly, many design projects today add a dimension of socially responsible production.

In the two-year Master of Arts in Design with a specialization in Product Design, students prepare to become professionals by analyzing scenarios and designing or re-designing objectsthrough developing an experiential and physical relationship with them.



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