Interior Design

Interior Design is making the best possible use of the space available.


Programs in Interior Design

Undergraduate Programs


Interior Design – IED (Milan, Italy or Rome, Italy)

Interior Design is an articulated system where design elements such as space, the lighting design, materials, color schemes and furnishings all work together.

It’s necessary that the Interior Designer takes into consideration all the elements of design according to the specific space in question, the level of living standards and sales goals, of the lighting and furnishings, sectors which are undergoing major adjustments following changes in behavioral habits and environmental considerations.



Interior Design – IED (Barcelona, Spain)

The Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design (240 ECTS) offers an educational path that teaches students to plan internal spaces, which respond to the physical and functional features of spaces surrounding an individual. To do so, there’s a study of analysis on functional and ergonomic needs, and emotional needs: to feel protected and safe though the space.

At the same time, communicational aspects take relevance, both in spatial and motion graphics, bearing in mind the mobility of the final user in the designed space. This activity blends creative contribution with research on new trends, usage of new materials and technological applications, always respecting the environment.



Bachelor of Interior Architecture and Design – NewSchool of Architecture & Design (San Diego, USA)

Interior architecture and design is a growing and evolving discipline that requires its practitioners to produce functional and beautiful spaces that fulfill human expectations while incorporating evolving technology and sustainable perspectives.

Whether you are a high school student with a passion for making inside spaces both beautiful and functional or an experienced designer seeking to pursue licensure, NewSchool of Architecture & Design’s practitioner-oriented Bachelor of Interior Architecture & Design program will put you at the forefront of these trends.



Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design – Art Institute (Vancouver, Canada)

In the Interior Design program, you’ll study the design, safety, and usability issues of creating the spaces where we live, work, and play. Coursework focuses on space planning, traffic patterns, and the colors, surfaces and furnishings that make surroundings comfortable and livable. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as draftsperson, facilities planner, interior designer/decorator, or space planner.



Graduate Programs


Master of Arts in Design, Interior Design – NABA Milano (Milan, Italy)

Throughout recent decades, interior spaces have played an increasingly important role in our individual and collective environments.

The “interior” space is built substance, and entering into it does not mean entering an empty space but becoming part of a large structure.

Interior design animates and enlivens the complex public buildings within our contemporary cities and gives meaning to public spaces, which represent the interior of the city itself.

The program of the Master of Arts in Interior Design is characterized by its Project Workshops, in which students face very challenging design tasks that are developed from an interdisciplinary perspective under the supervision of a small team of professors, each responsible for a distinct aspect of the project.



Master in Interior and Living Design – Domus Academy (Milan, Italy)

The Master in Interior & Living Design encourages students to consider a wide range of design practices as they learn to shape the space of interiors. You will be inspired to overcome disciplinary boundaries, make choices that are both more sophisticated and more daring, and cultivate an attitude of continuous inquiry into the material and immaterial aspects of space. You’ll learn the theory, best practices, and methodologies you need not only to solve problems creatively—but to define problems as well. As you collaborate with your international peers on company projects that re-invent the interior domain, you will come to define your own work in the context of the field.



Master in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces – IED (Barcelona, Spain)

Confronted with the accelerating evolution of consumer markets, we are bombarded with image, identity, ambiance and life-style, which often have little to do with the everyday products they represent: the ‘consumer society’. Through work carried out during the Master, students will address the issue of commercial space not as an abstract construction, but as a commentary on reality. They will develop projects that are highly realistic and form part of the debate on the regeneration and design of the city. The projects will be supported data provided by the City Council’s Department of Architecture.



Master in Interior Design for Luxury Living – IED (Rome, Italy)

The Master in Interior Design for Luxury Living enables participants to develop complex and sophisticated projects for Furniture, Hospitality (SPA Hotel & Resort), Exhibition areas, reinterpreting the classic skills of the tradition of Italian design and craftwork excellence with the highest and most advanced technological expertise. Luxury Interior Designers are called on to analyse real situations, contextualize and relate them to the Luxury sector as well as to develop strong skills such as leadership and teamwork, sense of initiative and creativity, development and communication of ideas and projects through the media and visual communication. They become experts in positioning a brand or advising private clients in the complex world of Luxury and know the trends and quality materials for the interior design.



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