Media/Multimedia Design

Interactive media is any electronic that responds to a human command in a specific and defined way. Interactive media includes not only video games, but also is the underlying principal to applications on a smart phone because they react to your touch. Search engines are another example because they respond to queries you type into the search boxes.

 Programs in Media/Multimedia Design

 Diploma Programs

Diploma Programs are usually 1 to 2 years in length. They are excellent pathways into the world of work without the time or financial commitment of a full degree program.  There are “regular” diploma programs for those without academic degrees or post graduate diploma programs for those already in possession of an academic degree. Due to the longer time commitment in comparison to Certificate Programs, Diploma Programs tend to explore a particular subject matter more deeply.

Because there are a great number of diploma programs and intake dates change quickly, please contact a Study Art and Design Advisor for the most up-to-date program offerings.


Institutions that offer certificate programs in Media/Multimedia Design are:

Media Design School (Auckland, New Zealand)
IED (Various Campuses)


 Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Media Design and Multimedia Arts (in Italian) – NABA Milano (Milan, Italy)

The program provides the tools for students to interpret and participate in the complex reality of contemporary media.

The nature of these media—linear as a film but also instant, accessible, and multimodal—provides more opportunities than ever for authors and artists to engage and interact with them to create fresh, original work.


Bachelor of Science in Media Design – NewSchool of Architecture and Design (San Diego, USA)

If you have pictured yourself working in visual design, creative advertising, or interactive design, this media design degree program may be right for you.


Bachelor of Media Design in Interactive Design – Media Design School (Auckland, New Zealand)

The interactive Design major of the Bachelor of Media Design prepares you for the technical demands and creative innovation expected from web and mobile development professionals. Human behaviour drives interaction with digital interfaces and this course gives you the fundamentals in…


Bachelor of Media Design in Motion Design – Media Design School (Auckland, New Zealand)

Making graphics move adds a new dimension to storytelling. Learn to produce innovative video and motion graphic campaigns for TV commercials, music videos, and logo animation when you study Motion Design.


Graduate Programs

Master in Interaction Design – Domus Academy (Milan, Italy)

In the Master in Interaction Design program, you will gain the theoretical knowledge and professional skills you need to define problems and solutions in interaction and user design. You will analyze and experiment with software and hardware technology in order to develop confidence with the palette of tools and platforms that form the foundation for designing interactive solutions.