So, when the special effects are at the service of the story and draw you into it,

that is really the MAGIC.

–Bill Sienkiewicz

Programs in Animation/VFX

Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs are a great way to earn academic credentials in a short period of time (usually less than a year) to jump start your career in the art and design field. You should consider a certificate if you:

  • have already established a career in the field but are new to the world of post secondary education,
  • would like to gain a specific skill quickly
  • are considering a career path but are not sure about it
  • would like to continue working while you study
  • would like to improve your grades

Because there are many other reasons, the number of certificate program offerings and intake dates, please contact a Study Art and Design Network Advisor for the most up-to-date information.


Institutions that offer certificate programs in Animation/VFX are:

Media Design School (Auckland, New Zealand)
IED (Various Campuses)


Diploma Programs

Diploma Programs are usually 1 to 2 years in length. Just like Certificate Programs they are excellent pathways into the world of work without the time or financial commitment of a full degree program.  There are “regular” diploma programs for those without academic degrees or post graduate diploma programs for those already in possession of an academic degree. Due to the longer time commitment in comparison to Certificate Programs, Diploma Programs tend to explore a particular subject matter more deeply.

Because there are a great number of diploma programs and intake dates change quickly, please contact a Study Art and Design Advisor for the most up-to-date program offerings.


Institutions that offer diploma programs in Animation/VFX are:

Media Design School (Auckland, New Zealand)
IED (Various Campuses)
Art Institute (Vancouver, Canada)


Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Art & Design in 3D Animation and Visual Effects – Media Design School (Auckland, New Zealand)

For a 3D Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) professional, work is play. In our post-production film environment, you’ll be creating the impossible and working on intensive yet rewarding short 3D productions. Better yet, you’ll have the tools to take us to new worlds and then, if you like, blow…


Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in 3D Animation – University of Derby (UK)

This exciting new 3 year degree programme will help you realise your ambitions as a creative animator specialising in 3D Animation. It’s your doorway to a dynamic field that has career links to the world of film, animation, TV, special effects, advertising and computer games – a world where highly skilled professionals are in demand both in the UK and overseas.


Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Animation – University of Derby (UK)

Highly creative people with innovative ideas are needed for the endlessly changing animation market. On our BA (Hons) Animation, you’ll experiment with latest digital software, produce distinctive animations and gain the professional awareness you need to launch your career.


 Graduate Programs

Master in Animation Design – IED (Milan, Italy)

The spread of the Internet and digital media led to an increase of international production and distribution of content made in animation, in advertising, TV series and specials, feature films, but also – increasingly – short films and docu-fiction, which supports the growing demand in the field of games and animation productions cross and trans media (Internet, tablets, mobiles). At the end of the course, students can fit into one of these professional sectors, developed in independent production companies, research and design consultancies, service agencies, internal structures of broadcasters, specialized departments of publishing houses. Professional expertise in animation is increasingly in demand even in the context of special effects for movies and television productions.


Master of Design in Animation – University of Derby (UK)

This is a good opportunity to achieve a postgraduate qualification making you one-step ahead in the graduate jobs market. On successful completion of the undergraduate modules of the programme you will be guaranteed progression to study at Masters level, rather than having to apply. If you change your mind during the first three years of the programme you can transfer back to the relevant BA and complete with a BA qualification.

The later stages of the four-year course include professional engagement opportunities, helping you to establish your graduate career whilst you are still a student.