Fashion Management

If you want to work as a professional fashion manager, it is important that you have a wide understanding about the old, new, and existing fashion trends. Fashion manager professionals are responsible for a wide variety of tasks that are directly associated to fashion coordination, management, and promotional activities.

Programs in Fashion Management


Graduate Programs


Master in Fashion Management – Domus Academy (Milan, Italy)

The Master in Fashion Management is a multi-disciplinary program for dynamic individuals who wish to enhance both their creative and managerial skills within the world of fashion. Through a combination of theory and hands-on practice, the program turns students into professionals who understand the language and rules of the fashion system, and who have expertise in brand management and communications.



Master in Luxury Brand Management – Domus Academy (Milan, Italy)  

The Master in Luxury Brand Management is a program that turns participants into inspired managers and marketers within the highly competitive fields of luxury fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, hospitality, gastronomy, beauty, or art.



Master in Fashion Design Management – IED (Milan, Italy)

The complexity of the fashion industry is characterized by the development and marketing process along the value chain and the presence of sophisticated consumers, who have the opportunity to act at the same time as a final receiver, co-creator and an individual business partner of a creative product. The aim of the Master in Fashion Design Management is to enable the future Fashion Design Manager to acquire the aesthetic sensibility and methodology necessary to tackle the creative and production process and to identify and implement appropriate communication strategies.



Master in Fashion Business – IED (Florence, Italy)

The Master in Fashion Business is designed for professionals and graduates wishing to acquire professional skills in new technologies applied to communication of the fashion industry. Florence, with its events Pitti Uomo, Pitti Filati, Pitti Bimbo and Vintage is recognised worldwide as a center of Italian fashion industry and the complete fashion production process, from the raw material to the object of fashion on display, which integrates advanced technologies, traditional techniques and crafts in favor of products and innovative communication services. IED Florence is itself the home of experts of all the dynamics of the fashion industry, Fashion Business Manager, able to deal with fashion business management, fashion events, public relations, advertising, publishing, new media (press, web, TV).



Master in Fashion Management – IED (Barcelona, Spain)

Fashion is part of our society. The act of “getting dressed” is part of our culture, covering functional needs of human beings and, more important, satisfying the necessity of communication. People from ancient times had always covered the body, both for determining the sense of belonging, and to differentiate from peers. Just considering that no adays one of the first things done with new-borns in occidental society is dressing them, we can understand the importance of garment. The fashion phenomenon involves multiple complexities: we are no longer talking about a product; we are facing a complex system of interrelated disciplines that gives consumers a comprehensive experience where the garment is just a part of it. The product is surrounded by an entire world to be managed to ensure that the final target receives the right message and satisfies its expectations.



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