Enrolment Form

Application Procedures

Application Procedures vary from institution to institution. Here are the typical steps you need to take.  We will assist you with every step along the way:

  1. Submit the basic Study Art and Design Network Enrolment Form below
  2. Submit Supplementary Documents (We let you know which supplementary documents are needed the program(s) of your choice). Supplementary documents usually include:
    • High School/College/University transcripts and/or diplomas
    • Portfolio
    • Personal Statement/Letter of Intent
    • Resume or CV
  3. Submit proof of adequate English. English native speakers or students who have studied more than three years of English may not require this.
  4. Submit Visa Documents (if applicable, varies by country). Visa documents usually include:
    • Visa application forms
    • Financial documents
    • Copies of passport
    • Passport photos
  5. Review: We will review your application package first to ensure quality and increase your chance to get accepted. We will forward your completed application package to the Dean of Admissions for consideration.
  6. Acceptance: After about 2-4 weeks, we will inform you of the Dean’s decision. If a student is accepted into a program, you will need to pay the enrolment deposit. Your placement at the school will be secured once we receive a copy of the Bank receipt.
  7. Pre-Departure Orientation: If necessary we will go over everything you need to know to make your study abroad experience an exceptional one.


Study Art and Design Network Basic Enrolment Form


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